We revolutionize learning methods.

A social enterprise with a vision to innovate and develop math, science and language education in India.

Innovative Learning Methods
Children learn best when they are actively engaged. Hands-on learning provides children with an opportunity to explore the world to observe it more scientifically and also relate textbook learning to real life. Apart from this creative teaching, discovery learning,  multimedia tools, brainstorming sessions, visual leaning in a stimulating classroom environment help children playfully master concepts and apply them in real life to develop problem solving approaches.
Research Organization Redefining Education
Edugenie is a research based organization that has brought about the best mathematical, scientific and language learning practices, under one roof. It was founded in the year 2012 and continues to enrich curriculum and innovate its teaching methodology. Edugenie combines its research work and consequently designed curriculum with schools to form bridge between abstract learning and applicative learning
A Team with Passion to Deliver Quality Education
Edugenie is a team of passionate individuals who aim to revolutionize education and learning methods. They combine their keen interest in education and expertise to design curriculum that is completely child friendly yet effective.
About Our Team

Dinesh Lahoti

Founder, Edugenie
Alumnus | IIT Guwahati | Teacher | Trainer | Certified Career Coach.

Tanima Paul

Program Mentor, WOW Maths
M.Tech (Gold Medalist) | Ambassador | Global Math Project.

Khushboo Lahoti

Program Mentor, WOW Science
B.E (Hons) | Mechanical Engineering. National Winner | Raman Experiential Science Teacher Award.

Lokesh Daga

Program Manager, Community Math Lab (Kerela)
National Topper (Mathematics) | Teacher Professional Olympiad.